Indian Institute of Vegetable Research

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Vegetable research was given impetus through establishment of AICRP on vegetable crops during 1971 at IARI, New Delhi with the responsibilities of coordinating and monitoring of vegetable research programmes of the country. To give a fillip to the research and to meet the challenges of nutritional security, the status of AICRP on vegetable crops was elevated to the level of Project Directorate of Vegetable Research (PDVR) during 1986 with its headquarter at IARI, New Delhi. During 1992, the head quarter was shifted at Varanasi from IARI New Delhi. Considering the vital role of vegetables in nutritional security, emerging trends of national/international demand and higher economic return, PDVR was further upgraded to the level of national institute under ICAR system during 1999 and named Indian Institute of Vegetable Research.

Director's Message

Healthy vegetable greetings to all!

Vegetables play a major role in Indian agriculture by providing food, nutritional and economic security and more importantly, producing higher returns per unit area. In addition, vegetables have higher productivity, shorter maturity cycle, are high in value and provide greater income leading to improved livelihoods. With a production of less than 20 million tonnes before independence, vegetable production has increased manifold to 162.2 million tonnes in 2012-13. ...... , Read More