Division of Crop Improvement

Grmplasm Status
CropTotal numberCropTotal number
Tomato1200Bottle gourd195
Brinjal440Pointed gourd180
Chilli350Ivy gourd35
Pea435Ash gourd74
Carrot44Ridge gourd34
Cowpea268Sponge gourd43
French bean244Bitter gourd320
Dolichos bean320
Grmplasm registered for their unique traits
CropGenotypeTraitRegistration number
Bitter gourdGy263BGynoceismINGR No. 03037
Pointed gourdIIVRPG-105ParthenocarpyINGR No. 03035
ChilliBS35PepLCV resistanceINGR No. 07039
OkraNo.315Dwarf and short internodesINGR No. 05026
PumpkinSA90High carotenoidsINGR No. 05027
Snap melonB159Downy mildew resistanceINGR No. 07044
TomatoF6050Joint-less peduncleINGR No. 06036
TomatoF7028High lycopene contentINGR No. 06037

Major Areas of Research

  • Mapping and tagging of genes for useful traits
  • Breeding of vegetable varieties for premium traits
  • Germplasm collection, evaluation and maintenance

Facilities Avaiable

  • DNA sequencer
  • Seed technology laboratory
  • Plant tissue culture room
  • Genomics laboratory
  • Molecular biology laboratory

Staff List

Sl. No. Name Designation
2 Dr. Nagendra Rai Principal Scientist
3 Dr. Dangar Ram Bhardwaj Principal Scientist (Vegetable Science)
4 Dr. Sudhakar Pandey Principal Scientist
5 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Principal Scientist
6 H C Prasanna Principal Scientist
7 Achuit Kumar Singh Senior Scientist
8 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Dubey Senior Scientist ( Vegetable Science)
9 Dr Binod Kumar Singh Scientist
10 Manimurugan Chinnappa Scientist
11 Dr. Shailesh Kumar Tiwari Sicentist
12 Nakul Gupta Scientist
13 Dr. Pradip Karmakar Scientist
14 Suhas Gorakh Karkute Scientist
15 Dr. Jyoti Devi Scientist
16 Vidya Sagar Scientist
17 Keshav Kant Gautam Scientist