Uttar Pradesh

Kashi Taru

Plants of this variety are tall and erect, height 120-130 cm, leaves and stem dark green; first flowering starts 45-50 days after transplanting. Fruits are long, purple, length 31 cm and diameter 5 cm. The picking starts 75-80 days after transplanting and gives a yield of 700-750 q/ha.

Hybrid-Kashi Early

This F1 hybrid has been developed by crossing PBC-473 x KA-2 at IIVR Varanasi. Plants of are tall (100-110 cm height) without nodal pigmentation on dull green stems and bear pendant fruits. Fruits are long (8-9 x 1.0-1.2 cm), attractive, dark green and turn bright red at physiological maturity, pungent with smooth surface. First picking of the green fruits starts at about 45 days after transplanting.