IIVR is a recognized Center of Excellence for Training on Vegetable Production technology by the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation (DAC), Directorate of Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi. Well furnished training facilities and a hostel are available at the premises for the benefit of participants of different training programs.

Ten work stations and a server are available in AKMU cell. Institute receives high speed internet services from National Knowledge Network (NKN) and local area network connects all the computers of the institute. High-end statistical software are also available in AKMU.

To supply the seeds to farmers as well as seed producing agencies, a well equipped seed processing unit has been developed with modern equipments i.e. seed drier, air and screen cleaner, gravity separator, endented cylinder, brushing machine, seed treater, colouring and cooling machine, pouch making machine, continuous sealing machine, bag closure.

The campus houses four well equipped greenhouses, eight polyhouses, eleven net houses and a temperature gradient tunnel. These provide platform for research on protected cultivation, screening for pest and disease resistance and multiplication and conservation of precious plant genetic material. Also, confined trials and climate change impact studies are conducted in these facilities.

To undertake the research projects of various disciplines, a research farm has been developed on 150 acres of land. The farm has got three submersible tube wells, under ground irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and water harvesting tank facilities. To provide proper research facilities for conducting the field experiments at the farm, adequate draining, approach road and electricity facilities are available.

A well-equipped gene bank has been established for medium term conservation of precious germplasm of vegetable crops in the laboratory complex.

Library subscribes to 58 journals of national and international repute. It holds more than 2800 books, and CAB abstracts since 1970 in digital form. Besides, IIVR provides free online access to more than 3000 agricultural and other biology journals through consortium of e-resources in agriculture (CERA).

The Institute has excellent laboratory building complex for conducting researches on various disciplines of vegetable science. It has 24 state-of-the-art laboratories with all modern electric equipment viz.,Crop Improvement (Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Tissue Culture, Genetics, Cytogenetics and Vegetable Breeding, Genetic Resources), Crop Production (Agronomy, Soil Science, Integrated Nutrient Management, Biochemistry, Water Management, Crop Physiology, Ecology), Crop Protection (Integrated Pest Management, Environmental Pollution, Residue Analysis, Bio-Control, Disease Management), Seed Technology, Quality Control, Seed Health, Post Harvest Technology, Economics, Extension and Training. Besides, provisions have also been made for information, social sciences and coordinated research units.