Field Day of Solanaceous vegetable crops” organized at ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi

Sat, 06 January 2018

Zonal Technology Management Unit of ICAR-IIVR organized a field day of Solanaceous vegetables to demonstrate and commercialize hybrids, varieties and promising advanced lines of tomato, brinjal and chilli developed by the Institute. The programme was attended by 25 representatives, which include breeders and marketing strategists from of 11 private sector seed companies dealing in vegetable seeds like Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Sattva Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Mahyco Seeds Ltd. Known-you Seeds, Bankim Prasad Ghosh Seeds Pvt. Ltd. , East West Seeds, Taikojin Seeds LLP, Acsen Hyveg Pvt. Ltd, Sungrow Seeds Pvt. Ltd. NSL Seeds Pvt. Ltd and Ajeet Seed. The representatives from seed-companies visited the field of the Institute and appreciated the performance of different varieties, hybrids, advanced breeding lines and pre-breeding lines of solanaceous vegetables developed by the Institute. The participants thoroughly observed the promising genotypes and expressed their willingness to get the promising advanced breeding lines having high degree of resistance to diseases and pests, high potential and good fruit quality targeting different market segment in these crops across the country. The delegates had a fruitful interaction with the breeders of the institute and provided critical and valuable feedback on the present market needs in these crops.
The Director, Dr. Bijendra Singh stated his keen desire for an operational collaboration with the private sector through PPP mode to extend the technologies developed by ICAR-IIVR, Varanasi into farmers’ field within the domain of ICAR guidelines giving win-win situation for all the stake holders. The Director also assured to develop new technologies keeping in view the present market need and consumer preference in accordance to the input provided by the representatives during the discussion.