Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Ratna CCH-12 (F1) Hybrid

CMS based F1 suitable for green chilly purpose tolerant to anthracnose and thrips with a yield potential of 20-22 t/ha. Semi erect, early maturing variety, fruit contains 0.62% (93450 SHU) capsaicin and 175.6 mg/100g Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Recommended for... show more

Kashi Abha (VR-339)

Fruits are short staut with blunt apex and highly pungent. Tolerant to biotic (anthracnose, CLCV, thrips and mites) and abiotic stress (low and high temperature), yield 15 t/ha. Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh Recommended for cultivation in Uttar... show more

Kashi Sinduri

Plants are spreading type, resistant to anthracnose disease, 50% flowering in 30-35 DAT, fruits and green and dark red at ripe stage (95-100 days after sowing), 10-12 cm long and 1.1-1.3 cm thick, pendant, non-pungent and high oleoresin content (15 percent). Average... show more

Kashi Gaurav

The plants are bushy, dark green foliage, very good general combiner, 50% flowering in 35-40 days after transplanting, fruits dark green and turn dark red when ripe after 95-100 days of sowing, 9-11 cm long and 1.1-1.2 cm thick, pendant and pungent. Average red ripe... show more

Kashi Krishna (VRCAR- 126)

Uttar Pradesh

Attractive black coloured roots along with self coloured core. Tolerant to bolting, fewer secondary roots/scars, suitable for salad, juice, halwa, kanji (fermented juice) and nutraceutical purpose. Rich source of anthocyanin (285 mg/100g FW), phenolics and... show more