Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Mohini

Plants are tall, height 110-140 cm, flowers at 4-5 node during summer and 5-7 nodes during rainy season after 39-41 days of sowing, fruits five ridges, 11.3-12.6 cm long at marketable stage, suitable for summer and rainy season... show more

Hybrid- Kashi Bhairav

Plants of this hybrid are medium tall with 2-3 branches; fruits are dark green with 10-12 cm length at marketable stage; yield 200-220 q/ha. This is resistant to YVMV and OLCV under field conditions. This has been released and... show more

Kashi Divya

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab

Selection from a local landrace; high TSS; yield 250 q/ha; released for UP, Jharkhand, Bihar and Punjab.

Kashi Harit

Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand

This variety is derived from the cross between NDPK-24 x PKM through pedigree selection. Vines are short, leaves dark green with white spots. Fruits are green, spherical, weight 2.5-3.0 kg at green stage; yield of 300-350 q/ha in 65... show more

Kashi Madhu

Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand

Plants have medium vine and leaves sparsely lobed and dark green, fruits are round, with open prominent green sutures, weight 650-725 g, half slip in nature, thin rind, smooth and pale yellow at maturity, flesh salmon orange (mango... show more