Variety developed by IIVR

Kashi Surbhi

Fruits oblong, ellipsoid, rind greenish white, flesh white; Average fruit weight; Fruits are suitable for long distance transportation; It has yield potential of 600-700 q/ha (Kharif season) and 510-550 q/ha (summer season... show more

Kashi Ujwal

Tamil Nadu

High yielding, suitable for candy/petha, recommended for , Tamil Nadu, , notified through Central Variety Release Committee

Kashi Dhawal

Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand

This variety is derived from a local collection. The vine length is 7.5-8 m. Fruits are oblong, flesh white, thickness 8.5-8.7 cm, seed arrangements linear, average weight 11-12 kg crop duration 120 days and yield 550-600 q/ha. This... show more

Kashi Alankar

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand

High yielding, recommended for U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and , identified through State Variety Release Committee

Kashi Urvasi

Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand

This variety has been derived from the cross IC-85650B x IC-44435A, having dark green and long fruits, mild projection, length 16-18 cm, fruit weight 90-110 g and yield 200-220 q/ha. This is suitable for cultivation under both rainy... show more