Kashi Nutan (VRCUH-01) F1 Hybrid

Early maturing hybrid, cylindrical long light green colour with mottling at peduncle side of fruit. Resistant to Downey Mildew, suitable for rainy and summer season. High yielding (17.85t/ha) over the check variety with better keeping quality and suitable for both the season (Rainy as well as Summer). Recommended for cultivation in Uttar Pradesh, vide gazette notification number S.O. 692(E), dated 05.02.2019.

  • Sowing in 1st fortnight of February and 2nd fortnight of June to September 1st Week.
  • Spacing Row to row :1.5 m and Plant to plant : 0.8 m
  • N.P.K. ratio 100:80:60 and 2 foliar spray of WSF (water soluble fertilizer) 19:19:19 (NPK) @ 4.0 g/l of water at 20 and 35 days after sowing.
  • Seed requirement 2.0-2.5 kg/ha