Main profile profile for BK Singh

Areas of Interest: 

My primary research interests are (I) Development of high yielding varieties, promising/robust parental/CMS lines having better combining ability and heterotic hybrids; (II) Identification of stress tolerance genotypes (heat, humid, black rot, etc); (III) Tropicalization of temperate vegetables; and (IV) Development of nutrient/vitamins/colour/antioxidants/anthocyanins/bioactive rich genotypes/varieties/hybrids of cole crops, root vegetables and leafy greens. 

Developed varieties/CMS lines/Hybrids of tropical cauliflower forming curds at 20-30 °C temp. 

Developed varieties/CMS lines/Hybrids of radish (White and Red root) suitable for cultivation during spring/summer/autumn/winter seasons.

Developed varieties/promising lines of red/orange/black/yellow carrots.

Developed varieties/promising lines of bathua (leafy chenopods).

Developed varieties/promising lines of purple/green-podded vegetable French bean (Snap bean).